After the Ride

I spent a few days with friends Doug and Tom in LA, and then in San Diego.  Doug and I have been friends for 20 years and don't catch up that often.  Equally my San Diego crew (Anthony, Rob & Alex, George & Michael, Tim & Peter and their daughter Julia also started 20 years ago.  You know you are friends for life when you pick up from the last sentence from 6 years ago, and continue chatting on from there.  

Thankyou to each of you for a wonderful several days in SoCal.  Thankyou also for no earthquakes, no bushfires and no muggings.

P6060754  Tough life for Doug and Tom.  LA view from their home.

AIDS Lifecycle 8 041  But the real fun was a BBQ they had the night the ride finished.  Such a great group of LA and SF friends.  Oh, and a Ponte Vedra one too.

P6100759  Rob and I riding bikes in La Jolla watching the guys riding the waves.  Biking and surfing mix well together.

P6100763  I should have worn my Aqua East surf shop jersey this day.  

P6100767  Celebratory Starbucks after the ride.  And yes, they are kangaroo paws in San Diego!

P6100770  Oooh baby, do we like a frappaccino or what!??

P6100776  Happy pic.  Who wouldn't be after these wonderful two weeks?

P6120782  Back home and Genghis is helping me unpack.  "Uuuum, I think I will take the yellow one for $100 please."

P6120784  Chaka knows she has discovered a new cat tree but is just figuring out which bit to scratch first.  They seriously love being around when I am packing/reconstructing the bike.  Less so when I am packing it to be honest, they sit in the box and try and prevent me from getting the bike in.

P6130790  Top right, my rider #, 5385 has been added to the list in the laundry room.