Rest Stops

P5310585  The Rest Stops are a world unto themselves.  You can get whatever food you need, liquids and keep a smile on your face for ages.  Sometimes hard to get going again.

IMG_2081  Rest Stop 4 are a bit of a tradition.  They have a waiting list of those wanting to join the fun, but it may takes years.  No-one leaves.  They start putting ideas together in Feb.

P6010597  This was a typical lunch stop.  They hand you a brown bag and you can put whatever you like into it.  Cookies were usually a good way to end lunch.

P6010602  A gorgeous young lass from Pan Am.

P6010603  Wineries host the Rest Stops which makes for a great setting.  You forget you are on a ride, more like a wine tour.  Only that alcohol is banned in camp/on the ride.  I lost 3 lbs, and I don't think it was due to the riding.

P6010604  Dancing bears!

IMG_2245  Donna from Trans Am.  (Also known as Matt.  One of the friends I ended up meeting later in LA.)

P6020622  Obviously a cold day.

P6020624  Signs on the portaloos added to the general humour.

P6020625  That's what I say!

P6040674  LRD day lunch with James and Matthew.

P6040677  A very cute devil.  Vineyard again!

P6060728  My luggage roadies, great guys.  And yes the same ones in drag on the previous page.

P6060744  Not a Rest Stop per se, but Doug's selection as a suitable Brentwood corner to hold his welcome back tailgate party.  Gotta give it to Doug!