Blue Devils of Paramin

The Blue Devils is an event (parade is too formal for this gathering) during Carnival in the mountain village of Paramin.  The road up there is impossibly steep and is over 20% grade in some sections.  The original intent of the event is shrouded in some mystery, several versions exist on Google, but the general intent seems to be to scare people (usually children but in the case of Rejane it lasted her whole life, this was her first time!) into being good during Carnival.  They crush up the blue washing pellets you used to dip into the whites years ago, and coat themselves totally.  Add masks, add children on leashes, add fake blood (I think it was fake...) and you have an amazing spectacle that involves the whole village, some tourists, and this one guy with his camera.

DSC_0552  The central area of the village.

DSC_0524  Not so scary.

DSC_0526  Getting interesting.

DSC_0528  Kids on leashes.

DSC_0527  They blew whistles indicating a small cash donation was requested.  Clint doesn't speak 'whistle'.

DSC_0531  Scary.

DSC_0537  Fun.

DSC_0536  Double scary.

DSC_0543  Good scary.

DSC_0540  But I guess it just didn't scare some people.

DSC_0547  We had our best 'bake and shark' up there.  A very traditional Trini snack.

DSC_0549  Following the parade, there as a contest to climb to the top of a greased pole to retrieve the booty, wrapped in a hessian bag.

DSC_0565  Having a wet, greasy, blue person standing our your neck (and several others on top of them) wasn't the most fun.  Hope this guy got a bigger share of the rum and money that filled the booty bag.