Carnival, Trinidad

The start of Carnival is j'ouvert.  J'ouvert starts at 04.00 so you get up at 03.00.  After having spent several nights going to bed at 03.00 your body is quite confused when this comes along.  You do it with your j'ouvert group of choice (some do lava mud, some do paint, some do coco mud - you smell like chocolate for the rest of the day) but the theme is get dirty, dance to the music, and drink lots.  Everything to like really.  The logic of j'ouvert is that Carnival is for everyone, not just the wealthy, so the mud symbolises everyone from the ground up.  

DSC_0477  6 hours later, Rejane and Colin check in.

DSC_0475  Followed by Misty and Clint.

DSC_0482  I think we were holding each other up so as not to fall over.

DSC_0483  After going back to bed, here we are again after another 5 hours.  Allyson and her sister Roses own the funkiest restaurant in Port of Spain, Veni Mange.  She is the Trini version of Oprah, TV show etc and quite a personality.  We enjoyed lunch there the day before and were invited to her float this day.  Thanks to Rejane and Colin of course.  Try the callaloo soup.

DSC_0485  If you want double trouble, Allyson and sister Roses.  

DSC_0500  A little booty grind along the way.

DSC_0497  Pensive Rejane.

DSC_0507  We limed away with this guy, and other friends of Veni Mange on their float.  When you 'lime' in Trini, it is as we Americans would say, 'hanging out'.  

DSC_0509  Desiree, from Tobago.  Lime baby, lime!

DSC_0402  Then was the final of the Pans, Panorama.  It was in the same stage setting as the Carnival mas bands to follow, with the judges voting well into the night.  We came 4th, the lowest result in years so everyone felt a little disappointed at the time.  But then came the realisation, that hey, this is Carnival, no time to be sad.

  DSC_0405  Not all the drummers are guys, in fact there are many women.  More so, there were two Japanese ladies who come every year just to partake with Phase II Pan Groover, and no doubt many others people with different pans.  (Both these were with Silver Stars, a rival band, but hey pan is pan.)

DSC_0430  This drummer was the counterpart to the lass above.

DSC_0435  A fake drummer pops up occasionally.

DSC_0468  Alex.  And so, off to bed.