And now to the quiet/recovery part of the trip.  At least it would have been if Erez and Rebekah, and Jeri hadn't joined us.  As it was, we had an equally fun time with them in a dive resort on the northern end of Curacao.  It was 3/4 hour from the main town of Willemstad, and a lovely location.  Blue water, great accommodation, and wonderful staff.  I would highly recommend the Kura Hulanda Lodge any time.  The Manager, Phlipp is a great guy and couldn't have been more helpful with suggestions and knowledge of the island.  The Dutch owner of the resort is a philanthropist, and the resort is dotted with carvings, statues, and gifts from recipients of his donations.  One was an outrigger canoe from a village he helped rebuild after the Indonesian earthquake some years back.

DSC_0740  The welcoming party.  Sans rum, momentarily.

DSC_0741  The beach below the resort.  

IMG-20110313-00082  Kids running.

DSC_0759  Some local friends greeted us quite often.  These chaps are everywhere.

DSC_0766  Sunset from the bar, the statues are from Zimbabwe.

IMG-20110311-00062  Town of Willemstad, established in 1769, before the War of Independence!

DSC_0774  Les touristes.

DSC_0782  Great way to hide a down pipe.

DSC_0784  Some of the architecture of Willemstad, very pastel, very pretty, very Dutch.

DSC_0785  Curacao remains part of the Netherlands, in fact all the ABC chain are, Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.





IMG-20110311-00064  This has to be the best belt buckle I have seen ever, the Seven Devils.  Our waiter bought it in, wait for it....... Los Angeles.  He said he has to keep buying new ones because his brothers steal them all.  Well he has good taste, and lucky brothers are well dressed!


DSC_0811  Erez and Rebekah

DSC_0813  Misty, Jeri and Clint.

DSC_0827  Your scribe.

DSC_0843  From our resort.  These villas are for sale.  

DSC_0845  Hands up who would never think to see cactii on a Caribbean island  yep, me too.  Curacao has no natural water however, and all water comes from a desalination plant.  Since water is so expensive, it grows virtually nothing, and most of the food comes daily from Venezuela.  

DSC_0848  Given the terrible events in Japan only days earlier, it was quite poignant to find a little Japanese garden at the resort.

IMG-20110312-00078  The sunset each evening was a lovely event, and this was my special view one night.  

IMG-20110312-00070  And so my dear readers, the end.  As I write this some 5 days after our return, it seems hard to imagine that we did all of that.  But we did, and loved every minute.  If there were any moments I would rather forget, I don't recall them, probably because they were few and/or inconsequential.  Certainly travelling with Misty and Clint is a joy, and meeting all of those whom I am happy to call new friends, was as much enjoyment as the scenery we encountered, and the events in which we participated.  Because people transcend events, and we will have the opportunity to further extend those new friendships in the future.

Cheers all!