MacFarlane Mas!

Well this was the big one.  Brian MacFarlane has won the competition for several years now and this year was no exception.  As you will see below, the scope and imagination was quite breathtaking.  He based this year's 'Humanity of Life' on some of the work of Kahlil Gibran in 'The Prophet'.  There were 14 sections to the circle of life, each with a different costume.  I was surprised to lean that Gibran is the third most published poet behind Shakespeare, and Lao-Tzu.  Who knew!  Poetry readers I guess.

Anyone can join, costumes are around T$5000, or USD850.  I wonder what you do with it though, after Carnival?

DSC_0624  During the parade through the streets we kept coming across these strikingly costumed people.  These represented Love.

DSC_0625  We didn't know at the time that they were part of the MacFarlane mas.  This was Baptism.

DSC_0627  I might say it was usually 85F during the day, so it must have been very hot inside some of them.  These were Good and Evil.

DSC_0628  Fun is on everyone's face.  He must have been a Good, impossible for that look to represent Evil.

DSC_0633  We liked the eyelashes!

DSC_0634  Lovely lady.  She was Time.

DSC_0642  And more.  She was Freedom.

DSC_0643  Everyone took a sharp intake of breath when we saw this beautiful guy.  Freedom again.  (You can't see it here, but he had a hickey on the other side of his neck so he was having a good Carnival!)

DSC_0674  After waiting for 7 hours, it was finally the turn of MacFarlane to go on stage.  The previous year's winner can choose to go last (and MacFarlane apparently like to do so so they are under lights).  It was highly choreographed, with Brian MacFarlane directing everything just below where we were sitting.

DSC_0683  That's him with the opening fireworks.

DSC_0686  This has to be one of my favourite photos of the entire trip.  One frozen, the other's feet not even touching the ground as he leaps past.  Good and Evil.

DSC_0694  Passion.

DSC_0699  Love.

DSC_0706  I wasn't getting very good light, but despite the poor focus, I couldn't let these guys go past.

DSC_0712  Good or Evil?

DSC_0713  This is my #1 photo of Carnival.  I wish I knew how I did it!

DSC_0726  Joy and Sorrow.

DSC_0734  And finally, the big kahuna, The Farewell.  Death.  She finally got on stage at 22.30, 2 3/4 hours after they started.  We were exhausted after such a thrilling and long day.  I hope you feel a little the same way after seeing these.