Restaurants, food and wine!

Over the course of the 2 weeks we rode nearly 300 miles/500 kms, climbed 31,000' on the bike, and walked all over the country.  In order to fuel this effort, we ate wonderfully, drank many many litres of aqua minerali frizzante, and had the occasional glass of medicinal wine.  Or more.

DSC_4010  In Vagliagli we cooked at home every night, it just turned out that way since we had so many gifted cooks.  Ably led by Allison and Janet we ate so well we have decided to make a cookbook detailing all the meals we cooked/ate and the wines we enjoyed with them.  Watch this space!

DSC_4028  Roast lamb and trimmings.

DSC_0472  Villa di Capezzana was mentioned in Florentine archives as far back as 804 (yep, 804 there is no 1 missing) as a grower of grapes and olives.  I have been a fan for several years and we found this little 11 year old baby in a restaurant in Verona.  And enjoyed it and a sibling immensely.  Not expensive either.

DSC_0475  Love the restaurant signs at night.

DSC_0478  We were turned away from this restaurant at lunch (OK it was 2.30pm) but went back after dinner for a bottle of Amarone, just to finish the night on the right note.  Not surprisingly we got into a conversation about the sizes of bottles, and the owner came out with these two, the one of the right being his 50th celebratory bottle which all the guests signed.  So is a Nebuchadnezzar the biggest bottle then?

DSC_0479  And this was our nightcap.

DSC_0482  Under the restaurant was their cellar, dating back to the 12th century.  You feel very special being able to see and touch stuff like this.

DSC00713  Vino and coffee, a combination you can't beat!  A lovely Valpolicella from Masi here.

DSC00727  Swirly whirly.

DSC_0621  Never daunted, Janet tries the 5 fingered Cheezel whiz.  All in the name of artistic expression of course.

DSC_0638  How long has this sign been hanging in Verona?  It exudes pleasure just to think of the answer.

DSC_0656  Wine bar Botega Vini simply had a partial vertical of Pertus, starting in 1949 as their advertising.  What more do you need really?!

P6010463  Tablecloth looking like a red giraffe and remnants of a pre dinner tipple.  We called this little place Garage Bar as it was near the entrance of the hotel car park.

DSC_0673  Decisions, decisions.

DSC_0678  The drink of the summer, a Veneziana.  Made from glass, orange coloring, ice, secret ingredients, and Colonel Sanders' unique herbs and spices.

DSC_0687  Funny how you never get tired of taking photos of wine.  The local Pinot Grigio from Alto Adige was outstanding.  For Pinot Grigio anyway.

DSC_0689  Cool sign.

DSC_0747  Ok, so I was getting camera happy in Milan.

DSC_0751  You can never go over the top with chandeliers when selling pastries.

DSC_0754  This ain't Kansas Dorothy.

DSC_0791  Lovely words on a wall in a Milanese restaurant on Corso Sempione, a very cool and uber trendy street.  Tell me if you can decipher it.  It will make you laugh.

DSC_0795  Loved this ripasso Valpolicella.  Funnily enough we had the same wine, only 2007, in a restaurant in Ponte Vedra not a week after this was taken.  

DSC_0809  Bar on Corso Sempione.

DSC_0810  Taken totally unbeknown by Misty/Clint, this lovely photo was a fitting summary to the last night of a wonderful trip.  

Oh, and the largest bottle size is in fact a Melchizedek.  30 litres, or 40 normal bottles.  Yowza!