The Players

A veritable cornucopia of nations, and continents were represented.

From the US were Robert, Misty and Clint.

From Australia, Victor and Janet (nee Sth Africa), Bill and Magdalen, and Melissa.

From Italy, Allison and Eliana.

And to link them all together, we have Robert and Victor who work together, Janet and Victor are married, and Allison is Janet's sister.  Eliana is Allison's daughter, Bill used to work with Victor and Robert, Magdalen used to work with Bill.  Clint rides with Robert in JAX, and he is married to Misty.  And Melissa works with Janet.

So now that is all clear, we also had for a short while Graeme who also used to work with Robert and Victor, and who is married to Bronwyn.  

And that was pretty much it!  (Except for Brian, Annabelle, and Andy.  And not forgetting the hilarious lunch waiter in Rome who said he always had the last two words in arguments with his wife - 'Yes dear'!)

DSC_0510  Moi with Italian hair and Giro look alike shirt.

DSC_0388  Clint and Misty in Rome (after our luggage arrived).  

DSC_0787  Vittorio Emanuele.  Really.

DSC_0779  Janet mit vatch.

P5280415  Magdalen and Bill on top of San Baronto, Toscana.

DSC00610  Allison, Janet and Melissa.

DSC00597  Eliana taking a rest from speaking two languages.

P6010469  Graeme and Bronwyn.

DSC_4109  Great photo by Victor of us shopping in Radda.

And a few other friends, you may detect a pattern here.

DSC_0578  Love it that even the military wear Prada.

DSC_0605  You want how many eggs Mum?

DSC_0608  What eggs?

DSC_0765  Negronis, venezianas and birra.

DSC_4326  Trust me, Victor has enough pictures to even up the balance sheet of the sexes!