My Family

So this is my wonderful family.

They all live in Australia so I seem to have taken the advice of the comedian George Burns literally, when he said "Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close knit family in another city."

tab14  Dad passed away in 2000, these are some photos from the wake.  He was a wonderful father.

PA250461  This was in Brisbane Oct 2008 when Carol had just been inducted into the Queensland Water Polo Hall of Fame for her prowess in women's ware polo some years back.  Unfortunately they were the last women's team to represent Australia before it was included as an Olympic sport.  L-R, Judy, Carol, Mum, Sue and moi.

DSC_0407  DSC_0337  

Proud Mum in the garden she had just created.                                                Helen!

DSC_0408  DSC_0281

Judy, Chantal, Tony and Mum.                                                    The girls.  Mum, Sue, Carol, Chantal, Taleesha and Amy (Sue's girls), and Judy.


The bro's in law, Jimmy and Tony.  You won't find a finer pair!    

 DSC_0303 tony50-1

Amy, ex Mike (but nice guy), Chantal again (hi there!), nephew Michal, and Taleesha.         The Durands, looking very spiffy.

0612080006  And if you go back far enough to when great Uncle Norman's brother left England to come to Australia, we have the English (Sussex) side of the Hudson family.  Anne, Geoffrey and cousin Tim.