Il Cite de Lumiere

The City of Light is also the city of wonderful things, and those wonderful things never tire of being photographed.  In the 25 years I have been visiting Paris I have always used a camera there.  Every time.  That has happened to me in no other city.  Over those years I have discovered many lovely hotels at which to stay, some terrible ones, and many that I used to stay at that I can no longer afford!  Prices never seem to come down in Paris.

But a wonderful book I discovered recently is the Seven Ages of Paris, by Alistair Horne.  Horne is an English francophile and the book is a well respected and very engaging history of the city.  I have read it twice and still need to read it again to remember  everything he has said.  Read it before you next visit, you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

DSC_0390  So we were down on the Place Concord to reconnoiter a good place for the Tour final stage next day.  It circuits here 8 times.  As it turned out we didn't need it, but then I wouldn't have taken this great pic.  Is an obelisk, art deco street lamp, and the Effiel Tower overkill?

DSC_0389  In the Metro is this great sudoku puzzle.  There are English words there, but isn't this supposed to be France???

DSC_0398  The military Louvre?  The palace Louvre? The cow barn Louvre?  It has been all those things.  

DSC_0403  Top of the arch commemorating what is said to be Napoleon's greatest victory, the Battle of Austerlitz, against the third coalition of Russia and Austria in 1806.  

DSC_0393  I doubt this gate commemorated anything, but it is a 'wow' gate.  At the entrance to the Tuilieres.

DSC_0410  La Tour Eiffiel!!  x 200....

DSC_0365  Just more photo opportunities.  At least the flag was new this time.  I was sitting after dinner some years ago looking at the flag atop the conciergerie.  It was tattered and torn, and the next day was Bastille Day.  I asked the waiter what was wrong (expecting all flags to be replaced for the national day), he shrugged and said it was 'fatigue'.

DSC_0423  In one of those wonderful covered passages.  

DSC_0424  The sort of shop in the passages, no chain stores at all. Just very unique shops and restaurants.  You could spend all day wandering through them.

DSC_0439  Atop the awning of the Comedie Francaise theatre.  I guess it makes sense, he looks happy.

DSC_0440  If Paris had an equivalent to the flat iron building in NYC, this would be it.  

DSC_0442  And this was the HQ of the Paris city buildings commission or some such, so they clad it in filagree steel to ruin it.

DSC_0462  Couldn't you just wander around places like this all day?

DSC_0377  The beautiful Place des Vosges.  First built by Philip V I think.  All that honey stone and terra cotta brick.  Stayed there in the Hotel de la Riene with Sam/Mark 3 years ago.

DSC_0484  The banks of the Seine are transformed each year into play places.  This was a cooling mist forest.

DSC_0510  No introduction necessary.

DSC_0526  Me trying unsuccessfully to be imaginative.

DSC_0312  Sacre Coeur was just behind the boy's apartment for the week, so we wandered up there one night.  People sure like to drink there late at night.

DSC_0316  I was surprised to find it was only built in the late 19th century, as a sort of national guilt offering after the defeat at the Franco-Prussian war.  It looks much older.

DSC_0324  Time heals everything, Tuesday, Thursday, woo hooo ooo