Le Gastronomique

DSC_0420  There just seems to be something natural about taking photographs of restaurants in Paris.  I guess I also took photos of restaurants in Buenos Aires too.  Hmm, maybe it's a phase I'm going through?

DSC_0421  Bistrot Vivienne is right next to the Passage Vivienne.  In 30 years of visiting Paris I had never seen these glass covered passages.  There used to be over 100, but sadly only 20 or so remain.  They are wonderful receptacles of old and less trendy things.  Which means they are filled with curiosities and unique things, shops, restaurants etc.  No cookie cutters there.

DSC_0433  I liked this combination.

DSC_0468  Just to prove the French can stash a Cafe away anywhere, this little gem pops out under the walkway of a wing of the Louvre.  

DSC_0480  Now restaurants and eating are synonymous.  I know this little guy isn't a restaurant but cut me a bit of slack here, OK?  He was just about the happiest person I had seen all day.  Wouldn't you be?

IMG_5536  And here was the second happiest person!  At the lovely little cafe on the point of the Isle St Louis near all the shops selling Berthilion sorbet.  We stopped for a pre dinner amuse.  And another I think too.

DSC_0340  So yes I did fall in love with good coffee again.  Especially Cafes Richard.  My two liquid pleasures in life (Ok, I just thought of a few more) are a noisette, and a negroni.  The noisette in France is a macchiato in Italy/Australia, and a cortado in Spain.    The negroni joins at the other end of a meal, I first discovered them when I spent 10 days on Capri many years ago.  I share that passion with a reporter from Pez Cycling.  Try one soon!

DSC_0355  I forgot who it was that said you can drink as many cups of coffee as you have hands, at the same time.  Maybe it was me, hmm.  Anyway you can't really have a noisette for breakfast, it must be a cafe creme (capuccino) so I took my own advice.  Actually this was just after I had bought a new kit at the Laurent bike shop, so I was in double pleasure.

DSC_0371  And another theme I like, reflected images.  Oh, is that our chauffeured car just pulling up??

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