Les Touristes

DSC_0407  What could be more touristique than a photograph in front of the Louvre?  Les deux Argentines.

DSC_0429  An interesting shot of Gonzalo inside one the  passages.  

DSC_0448  He is so photogenic.

DSC_0449  Ah yes, how I have seen this face over the years.  Over 25 years now actually since we met in Sydney.  There are not many people in a life whom one knows that long.  What did I do wrong??!  :)

DSC_0455  ll touriste Americano.  Sorry I can't think of anything witty to say at the moment.  Must be an apres dinner red wine effect.

DSC_0463  The sun was reflecting off the glass panels of the Louvre pyramid and providing a very saturated light here.  

DSC_0492  The boys again!

IMG00009-20090726-2037  During a pre dinner drink at a little open air restaurant near the top of Montmarte.  It was a wonderful view from the highest point of the city, with a sweet little breeze trickling up the side of the hill.

090727 008  What else do you get someone who has everything?  Why a pink Vespa, complete with Hello Kitty helmet!

090727 018  The gang 'doing le Metro'.

IMG_5316  Such a lovely photograph marred  by that crazy pair!

IMG_5331  On a mission for the best photograph of the day.

IMG_5340  And I thought we had done with the Louvre?  Never mind there is always room for another Louvre shot, it is such a wonderfully photogenic building.

IMG_5325  And if you have ever wondered how they get those trees so perfectly round?  Yes, they use a template.  How tricky.

IMG_5434  "I'm so happy, I'm so happy, I'm so happy and snappy and gayyyyyy, I'm so happy in a wonderful wonderful way'.........

IMG_5486  Oh I see, I should have pressed this one of a hundred little teeny dials, instead of the big red one?

IMG_5509  Earthquake prevention classes on l'Isle St Louis.  Got to keep your balance, just in case.

IMG_5674  Ok, so there I was, a good Christian gentleman taking an in innocent late evening shot of some hunka hunka hunkas, and someone does the old 'double photo' trick for posterity.  You just can't trust anyone these days.

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