The Kits

Of course right after the Family photos has to come my own little family.  Chaka, and Genghis.  If they seem odd names, they are.  As Bengals, I figured naming the two litter mates 'Fred and Ginger' wasn't going to cut it, so I wondered what a typical Bengal name might be.  Bengals are usually tigers, found in India.  Khan is a very popular Indian name, so out popped - Chaka..... and Genghis!  Khan, get it, sure you do.


So this was my first view of the kits, 11 weeks old.                    Chaka learning the gentle art of 'killing the feather'.


When they were little, they liked to take naps in my lap.         Spot the real fur.  Bengals have a fur, not hair like other cats which is why

                                                                                                            they are good for people with cat allergies.  They have no dander, and

                                                                                                            very little hair loss.


Chaka helps me pack when I'm travelling.......                          Genghis broke the ball from his leg and had a limpy 6 months.


Carol is not a cat lover, as her expression shows when Chaka decided to be friends.     Genghis keeping an eye on the gators in the marsh.

P6170006  And they also know when I am going on a biking trip.  Here, they decided to protest my departure by occupying the bike case instead of the bike.


The position they like most is the ....... sleeping position!  Genghis slept a lot after his heart scare, he was on oxygen in I/C for 2 days in Jan 2009.  Luckily he is still here.  And Chaka on the right in her favourite position at the back of the couch, contemplating life.  She often sleeps with one paw over her eyes.  Like me, she needs the darkness!

Hope you enjoyed them, I sure do.